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Super Bowl Week: The Perfect Bloody Mary

Hey y’all!

Happy Super Bowl week!! Regardless of who you’re cheering for (#riseup #falcons), this is such an exciting week in football and it will be full of lots of yummy food and drinks.

I wanted to start this series off with the PERFECT Bloody Mary. This was my grandmother’s recipe and has been carried down our family.

My Aunt Vicki helped me out, because seriously no one can make them as good as she does. (Also, if you’re in the Nashville area and need a talented florist, please check her out here).


What You’ll Need:

Vodka of choice (I prefer Tito’s)

Mr & Mrs T’s Original Bloody Mary Mix

Crazy Jane’s Mixed Up Salt

Crazy Jane’s Mixed Up Pepper

Beef Bouillon




What You’ll Do:

1. Combine vodka (1-ish shot), Bloody Mary Mix, salt, pepper and a dash of bouillon.

2. Mix together with a spoon.

3. Muddle in a pepperoncini and squeeze lime.

4. Serve over ice


What You’ll Need to Know:

These are seriously a dream, the perfect amount of salty and spicy. You can use your vodka of choice, but I prefer something more smooth – like a Tito’s. You can also add as little or as much spice with the pepperoncini and pepper.


I’m so excited for you guys to see all of the yummy things I have planned for this week.

I know that we will be eating sweet potato chili on game day, and I CAN’T wait!



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