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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween

Hey y’all!

If you know me then you know I’m not good at Halloween costumes…KIDDING MOM!

(My mom said I start far too many blog posts off with this  and she’s probably right.)

But seriously, I have never been one to think outside of the box for Halloween.

My crowning achievement was last Halloween – but you’ll see that in a second.

A close second place was in high school when my best friend, high school boyfriend and I went as Ron and Ginny Weasley and Hermione Grainger – only because they both had red hair and it required like no effort on my end.

I’m all about an easy and #basic Halloween costume.

Being in a sorority in college meant dressing up a lot and i usually procrastinated and left it to the last minute.

Costume 1: A cat / cheetah / any animal with whiskers 


This one is one of the easiest / requires little to no effort. I paired a cheetah print thermal with black leggings, sandals and drew whiskers on my face. It took all of five minutes and cost maybe $10. Bonus points if you can wrangle a friend into being the zoo keeper – thanks Sarah!

Costume 2: A football and a football player


This could be a really cute couples costume, so naturally I did it with my other half, Chelsea. We did this for a date party or a mixer in college and it was so easy. Football is a big deal in the SEC and so we had all of these items readily available. Chelsea just bought a brown t-shirt and made a football outline with basic masking tape. I put on my jersey for my beloved Peyton Manning and threw on some eyeliner for ‘eye black.’ Easy peasy and people loved it!

Costume 3: Scooby Doo and the Gang


Last Halloween my group of college best friends and I went as Scooby Doo and the Gang. We went to a Moon Taxi concert that was held just before Halloween and encouraged people to wear costumes. This was actually far easier than you’d expect. Cammy (Scooby) wore a brown shirt, black leggings, and converse and made the SD necklace with ribbon and paper. Chelsea found a cheap purple dress from Forever 21 and I grabbed one that I already had in my closet. I also threw on some old 3-D glasses from the movie theater and we made the ascots for Daphne and Fred out of some fabric we bought at Wal-Mart. People LOVED this.

Costume 4: Graphic Tee


To be honest, this is probably what I’m going to do this year – if I do anything at all. My college football team plays Saturday night so my plans for Halloween are bleak at best. This t-shirt actually made me laugh out loud when I saw it and orange happens to be our football colors.

Here’s hoping that you all get more into it and are more creative than I am.

But seriously, is anything better than Scooby Doo?



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