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Dose of…Bumble?

Hey yall!

This post is a little different than what I usually do, but I think it will still be fun.

Talking about dating apps and using them still seems to be rather taboo, but it is more common than you think … especially for 20-somethings in big cities.

As many of you already know, I moved to DC a few weeks ago. Brand new to a place with over 658,000 residents, not to mention those that live in the surrounding areas, I knew hardly anyone.

One of my friends, who had recently made a big move herself, suggested Bumble. At first I scoffed at the idea and then thought ‘Why not?‘ I don’t know anyone here, going out on a few dates or chatting with a few guys isn’t the worst idea. And if it goes poorly, then just tell them ‘boy bye!’

So, I made my profile (kidding, I just updated the photos in a profile that I had made months ago that sat unused).

While I self-rightously feel I should be inherently against Bumble – like how judgmental is it to make snap decisions about someone based off of their job or picture?? – the truth is, I secretly love it.

While my mom was still here getting me settled, I began chatting with a boy who we’ll call Stoic Sam, because he had the best poker face.

After chatting for about a week via text, Stoic Sam and I met up on Friday night to grab a drink after I had finished dinner with some friends (sorry for meeting a stranger, mom … but I promise it was in a public place!).

We went to this hole-in-the-wall bar that he said he frequents for happy hours after work, but he had never been there before on a weekend. We were both very confused that the laid-back weekday atmosphere was completely different on a Friday night around 11 pm.

I immediately was brought back to my college days at my favorite bar in Knoxville, Hanna’s. Picture two floors packed so tightly that you can barely move and people dancing (and sweating!) everywhere.

Stoic Sam immediately asked if I wanted to leave, but I said ‘No, why not just stay?’ We were able to find a corner near the wall on the second floor that was tucked away enough for people not to bother us. Also, we had the best view in the house to make fun of people drunkenly making out and the ridiculous dance moves we saw.

After two drinks, and a short walk, good ole Stoic and I parted ways.

I’d rate the Bumble date and company a 4 out of 5. I mean who doesn’t love a free drink, a cute boy and some excellent people watching?

Stoic Sam was very nice, which is why I was so bummed to have not heard back from him. No harm no foul though because there are plenty more boys – and stories from my friends – to come.

Plus, Hot Mark just messaged me last night! Bumble on!



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