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How to Pack for Four Months

Hey y’all!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT week so far. Mine has been super busy with work and my nights have been taken up with ‘The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey.’ I am obsessed with this case.

So just a few short weeks ago I had to pack all of my belongings in to  three suitcases.


I am going to try to link as many of the clothes, or similar pieces, for you all as I possibly can; however, many of them were bought last season.

Make your pieces multifunctional. For me this meant a lot of neutrals. Since I am in a professional work setting I need to look polished and put together, but those clothes tend to be bulky and I needed things that could function in and out of the office.


On the end is this super cute white skirt from J.Crew. This puppy dates back to my recruitment days and is perfect for work or walking around and exploring the city. Another style staple for me is this cute navy shirt from JCrew – they almost always have similar styles. The juxtaposition between the lace and the tulle in the Anthropologie shirt makes it super fun for work, paired with a black skirt, or for play, paired with ripped skinnies. Finally, another great way to make work clothes stylish is in the details, like the leather sleeves on this shirt – I am totally lusting after this one.


Don’t be afraid of patterns. I am all about mixing patterns to create interest and making my staple items look more fun. Y’all I lusted after this JCrew puffer forever and it was always sold out but it is in stock right now AND on sale for only $54!!! I also love this t-shirt dress because its great for layering and can go from office to happy hour seamlessly. So confession time, this skirt is actually from Stein Mart and I stole it from my mom when I shopped her closet. I love that it has a pop of color so it looks like I wear more than just black and white :). I wear this blouse to death. Its so cute and has a subtle detail on the top – this one is similar.


Lastly, bring layering pieces. This tip is especially necessary for me because it gets COLD in DC. The navy puffer is on sale for just $49 at JCrew too. STOCK UP.  I wear these puffers to death – I have three. I’m so excited to pair this poncho (here is a similar one) with jeans or work clothes in a few weeks when temperatures drop. Since I do wear so much black I try to spice things up with other neutral colored pieces, like this awesome olive jacket. Finally, my ultimate style staple is a good white t-shirt. A good white blouse can go a long way – its great with jeans, with skirts or to just run around in leggings.

My biggest piece of advice is to bring things that are versatile. By bringing dark colored clothing I can wear it more often without people knowing I am an outfit repeater. Also neutrals transition so well between seasons and thats super important to me since I will be gone for so long.


When it was all said and done I ended up having my mom check a bag, I checked two and we each brought our beloved Vera Bradley large duffle.

You don’t even want to get me started on shoes…

Happy packing, friends!



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